LUXURY.LV is an online project which informs the wealthy & nouveau riche audience in the Baltic countries about exclusive and expensive novelties such as antiques, arts, cars, drinks, food, real estate, fashion, jewelry, technologies, mobiles, entertainment, etc. We also pay great attention to the news from the world of “big money” and luxury brands.

Currently we are running website in Russian language, but we plan to translate it to Latvian, Lithuanian and English languages in the near future, as we already owe and domains. We have chosen the Russian language for the reason, that in Latvia as in the former USSR country 75% of inhabitants freely speak Russian. As the result we get visitors not only from Latvia, but also from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia. Currently we have about 22 000 visitors per month.


Our main audience is wealthy and successful people from 20 to 55 years old. They have already realized themselves and have free time and financial resources, they use the Internet to get the information on how they can spend their money for expensive pleasures with the sense of taste or invest it into the high profitable projects.


It will be a good place to advertise your products and services for a high class luxury public who wants to get the best things that exist in the world. There are no limits for big money and your potential customers wouldn’t be stopped by the borders of any country. That’s why it is a great opportunity for you to get new customers from the Baltic countries and Russia through the website.


You can contact us by e-mail    or using our CONTACT FORM.